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Are you interested in having your own jewelry made? I offer two options for customization: Signature Service and Bespoke Service

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Signature Service

The Signature Service is the right choice for you if you would like to have an existing piece of Kleyn Geluck jewelry uniquely customized to your own choice in gemstone and size.

We will discuss the options for a gemstone together (this can be a custom stone or I can source it ethically for you), and any other minor adjustments you would like to make to an existing Kleyn Geluck desi

Bespoke Service

Do you have a family heirloom that needs to be revived or do you have an idea in your head that you would like to realize?

Then the Bespoke service is the right one for you!

With this complete personal choice, you will work 1 on 1 with me from concept design to production to ensure your specific vision is brought to life.

We start with a 30 minute Zoom meeting. Then I will personally select high-quality gemstones, sketch different design options and create 3D models if necessary, before I ultimately produce your one-of-a-kind jewel in an old-fashioned way.


How long does it take before a custom jewel is ready?

The time that a custom order takes depends on the level of detail in the design, whether or not I have to find a specific gemstone for you, and on the technique used to produce (completely handmade or cast from scratch). wax design). Once we have discussed all the details of your design, you will receive an estimated delivery time from me.

How do I pay for a custom order?

The Signature service requires a 50% deposit once the design is finalized. The remaining part will have to be paid once the jewel has been produced and before it is shipped.
For the Bespoke service, after the free Zoom meeting, an amount of €250 is requested for the design phase. Once the design is final and a quote has been accepted, I will require a 50% deposit. The last part is paid when the jewel is produced and before it is sent. All payments can be made via credit or debit card via an invoice that you receive by email.

How many custom assignments can I request in one go?

I currently accept 1 custom project per customer at a time.

Which precious metals are available for customization?

I currently offer 925 sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold with (partially) recycled and/or sustainably sourced origins via Fairmined.

Can I send you my own silver, gold and gemstones to use for my custom jewelry?

Of course! The earth is happy when you upcycle your gold or your stones, and that makes me happy too! Unfortunately I can't always work with all the materials I receive, so I will inspect the gold and stones for suitability before I can commit to this project. As soon as your request for customization is due, I will ask you to send your materials to my studio FedEx (worldwide) or Mikropakket (NL).

Can I send you a photo of another designer to have taken?

I realize that it can be difficult to clearly communicate the exact idea, style or element you have in mind without examples. You can always show me visual references for ideas that are difficult for you to put into words. But I don't accept requests asking me to copy another designer's jewelry. I do not work in the field of intellectual property theft.

How can I submit a request for customization?

You will find a link to request a custom order at the bottom of this page. Please fill in as much relevant information as possible and click "submit". As soon as I have received your application, I will assess your application and put you on the waiting list. This is in order of when the applications were received and viewed. Do you change your mind? You can cancel your request at any time and be removed from the waiting list.

I have more questions about the custom service, where can I reach you?

You can always send me an email without obligation to send your questions about the customized service to